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Development of paver patterns
Feb 03, 2016

(1) type diversification

Paver manufacturers at home and abroad to pursue the diversity of products and product series are 4.5~12.5M different in width the width of the range of products, technical level is high, medium, low, high, medium and low prices of different types of products, meet the requirements of different levels of construction and highway construction.

(2) the development of technical and economical tiered

Paver is the most important indicator for compactness and smoothness at the same time, with the development of electro-hydraulic control technology, comfort and maintenance operations of convenience, Paver technology and economic development in two ways. Technology paving machine with a central communication, constant speed control and failure diagnosis function, digital ultrasonic level gauge, features such as centralized lubrication; economic paver seeking a reliable, practical, simple operation, low prices.

(3) multiple paving and transit vehicles combined

With construction process of change, will increasingly more of used more machine assessment Pu process, prevent side road and the seams segregation is we should consider of problem, while for prevent temperature and grain material segregation, transit car may will was increasingly more of used, addition while transit assessment Pu construction process is on China existing of Highway structure design reasonable sex, and construction management and the supervision system standardized, and mechanized supporting rationality of best of validation.

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