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Domestic use the development trend of paver
Feb 03, 2016

According to China of construction status and policy mechanism, factors, European type of low speed, and high density real, and in the big width assessment Pu construction process was widely used, Germany ABG structure type type of assessment Pu more is guide industry of trend, but from in the 1990 of the 20th century of large of (that assessment Pu width is greater than 9m, even to 16m) development to has 21st century of medium of, that assessment Pu width rationalization return to 6~9m models accounted for led status, makes many domestic manufacturers again adjustment development thought, current, Major paver manufacturers are flourishing and contending power. Assessment Pu width cover 4.5~12.5M, thickness cover 10~350mm, formed has assessment Pu width big 6~12m, and in the 4~6m; technology high (full hydraulic, and automatic), and in the (half mechanical hydraulic, and semi-automatic), and low (mechanical); products price high (2 million Yuan above), and in the (80~200 million Yuan above), and low (800,000 yuan following) three species products, to for construction units select.