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Paver concrete introduction to procedures
Feb 03, 2016

A paving machine operators must be trained, understanding the mechanical properties, structural, master maintenance knowledge, skillfully mastered the machine performance and operation and security matters, and after approval by the relevant authority, independently.

Second, the engines must be checked before starting: oil (oil, fuel, oil, lubricants) whether enough fan belt tight, there is no leakage and loose parts. Checks required on the day of a variety of parts, accessories, tools and so on are complete.

After three, start engine, run at idle for at least two minutes later check whether the surveillance system indicates normal.

Four, transportation vehicle material must be directed, accurate material discharge into the machine hopper.

Five, Paver work before and around levelling staff contact, ensure that other people is not in the job, before they can work.

Six, operations moved towards the road spans the time of conversion must be at small throttle, the machine completely stopped, all working parts stopped working conditions.