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Paver daily technical maintenance
Feb 03, 2016

1, daily technical maintenance

(1) clean paver: clear the paver surface accumulation of dirt, sticky sand and asphalt removal engine, hydraulic components and other components on the surface of dust and grease. Attention never put the dirt into the fuel and air filters.

(2) check the nozzles, pipes, gas cylinders for heating systems and the switch.

(3) check the spreader the connection and fastening of various parts, particularly around the track beams and rack, screed, devices and scraper conveyor connecting bolt is loose or broken, tighten or replace them if necessary.

(4) check and remove the various parts of the leakage.

(5) check the engine oil, fuel, coolant and hydraulic oil quantity, and directed by the provision to add new oil to the oil scale.

(6) check whether the grease centralized lubrication devices in moderation.

(7) check for crack spiral feeding device leaves, if any should be replaced.

(8) check for loosening the electrical plug.