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Paver practice brochure
Feb 03, 2016

Operator of seven non-drink operations, operation of the device must be dressed up, may not wear slippers, shall not impede the safe operation of behaviors such as smoking, diet.

After eight, Paver at work, all protective devices must be installed in the specified location.

Nine, operations room (set) must be kept clean, clean grease and dirt, not about tools, and other items.

Out of ten, the operation stage, operators must be completely under the "0" position.

Third, hydraulic automatic widening paver widened when, must pay attention and observe close by, so as not to hurt people and damage to the device.

12, when the paving in the use of liquefied petroleum gas tank heat, flame or fire, tank valve must be closed. When the ambient temperature is higher than the 200C or sun shone car gas tank gas tank heating, air tank must be covered.

After the end of 13, paving, cleansing materials conveying, ramming devices, stopping the screed must be placed on the wood, the machine stopping down does not impede the traffic, and the warning signs should be placed. Engine idle runs 5 minutes and then turn off, then cut off the power lock dashboard.

14, equipment maintenance must be carried out in accordance with the requirements in the specifications.

XV, equipment maintenance, you must:

(A) the hopper, immobilization of the screed.

(B) the engine.

(C) maintenance of hydraulic systems, hydraulic systems must be freed of pressure