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Paver types have some
Feb 03, 2016

(A) rubble:

Stone paver (aggregate spreader) is one of the road construction machinery. Laying the gravel evenly spread on the roadbed construction machinery. Mainly consists of Hopper, roller, ski, v-shaped scraper wheels and other components, adding to the side panels and run [1].

(B) bituminous concrete:

On the homogeneity of asphalt mixture paving in road base, and preliminarily compacting and leveling the machine. Both tracked and wheeled. By traction, paving and compacting, Ironing is composed of two parts. Including racks, power devices, mobile devices, hoppers, doors, scraper conveyor, spiral paving and cab. Which includes the towing arm, compacting mechanism and ironing device (from the, thickness of the screed regulator, composed of camber adjuster and heater)