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Culture Stone Durable Nature
Jul 26, 2017

Cultural stone, Culture Stone is divided into natural stone and artificial stone two categories. Its material is solid, colorful, rich texture, different styles. Historically, Culture Stone it is very popular with architecture and collectors. On its function to distinguish, Culture Stone but also can be divided into cultural tours of stone, building decoration culture stone two categories. Among them, the cultural tours of stone for the natural stone; Culture Stone architectural decoration with cultural stone is natural, artificial and both.

If we want to pursue the historical origins of cultural fossils, it can be described as a long history and a long history. As early as the Paleolithic Age in which intelligent humans appeared, Culture Stone mankind put himself as a beautiful, useful stone, as a labor tool, or as an ornament.Culture Stone Especially for the decoration of the stone, can be regarded as the originator of modern culture stone.

With the progress of farming civilization, people no longer like the previous hunting, picking, nomadic period, as no fixed, wandering around. Due to the sturdy and durable nature of the stone and the ease of use, people began to use stone for homes, tombs and so on. At this time the building with stone, Culture Stone but also to the local materials, the main processing, it is difficult to talk about the architectural stone art, appreciation and culture, but to the practicality of the main.

With the rapid development of farming civilization, Culture Stone social material has begun to greatly rich. In the pursuit of building stone rugged at the same time, people began to pay more attention to the architectural stone art, appreciation and culture. Especially in the use of natural stone for indoor, outdoor construction, Culture Stone decoration, even more attention to its artistic, appreciation and cultural connotations. Many people have been carefully crafted after the construction of decorative stone components, is widely used in civilian buildings, Culture Stone royal architecture, temples and grave buildings. Thus, greatly enhance the decorative beauty of human buildings and decorative effect.

History of the world since the rest of the world, a large number of retained many magnificent stone architectural culture and art masterpiece: Asian Chinese royal architecture, Culture Stone Southeast Asia imperial temple building, the ancient Roman period of various buildings, the Middle East River Valley Karl Mira ancient city ruins, the Americas Maya cultural sites and so on.

To modern times, the world is in the continuous development of human progress in the reflection, but also more concerned about the natural stone resources scarcity and non-renewable. Culture Stone With the help of modern scientific and technical conditions, people finally found a new alternative to natural products to replace natural stone. Ever since, artificial culture stone will be born, came into being. The development and application of artificial culture stone for the world's growing human aesthetic needs of the building, Culture Stone opened up a that does not destroy the natural environment, but also to meet human needs, both environmentally friendly, Culture Stone and conservation, both green and sustainable development of stone New way. And this will also be the world's human culture decorative stone future development of the inevitable direction.

As the saying goes: demand determines the market. In recent years, Culture Stone with the people for high-quality living, the growing demand for architectural decoration, artificial culture stone, also ushered in a history of the development of spring, but also its infinite bright prospects for development. With our country, the world of green, environmental protection concept enjoys popular support to the continuous innovation and development for the concept of support for the artificial culture of stone industry, will also be lifted up the future building decoration stone market Qingtian pillar.

If we only from a technical point of view, Culture Stone although the current man-made cultural stone is far from completely replace the unique characteristics of natural stone and dominate the market, Culture Stone but as long as we through the entire man-made cultural stone industry, technological innovation, product innovation, Culture Stone There will be more and more natural building stone, by our artificial culture stone replaced. And this way, Culture Stone will certainly be wider and wider, more and more smooth.