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Culture Stone History
Aug 10, 2017

The origins of cultural stone can be traced back to prehistoric times, Culture Stone from the human nascent to Cangjie, from Wu Wang Fa, to the beginning of unified, human civilization history and architectural history.

Artificial culture stone is from the 60 's, Culture Stone the United States, a Mason Masons invented the "artificial culture stone" principle, just started in the western region of California, decorated with high-end villas, and quickly occupied the entire United States and Canada market. Today, artificial culture stone has been blooming all over the world, artificial culture stone imitation natural stone shape texture, Culture Stone widely loved by the public.

Cultural stone from the invention to the present large area uses, the history of the past few decades, but the reason is widely recognized because of his lighter texture, rich color, Culture Stone higher strength, lower water absorption, better resistance to thaw, and energy-saving environmental protection, can reach zero emissions of carbon dioxide, and no radiation.

Artificial culture stone can be directly in the wall construction, Culture Stone first to the wall, and then wet with water after the "macro into a card" clay paste can be. You can also use a sticky method. First use 9-plate or 12-plate to hit the bottom, Culture Stone and then directly with the glass glue can be pasted.

However, the following considerations are:

(1) Cultural stone in the interior is not suitable for large-scale use, General Ping said, its wall surface area should not exceed the space of the wall of the 1/3, Culture Stone and the bedroom should not appear many times cultural stone wall.

(2) Cultural stone installed in the outdoor, Culture Stone as far as possible not to choose sandstone-like stone, because such stone easily water seepage. Culture Stone Even if the surface has been waterproof treatment,Culture Stone it is also susceptible to the aging of waterproof layer caused by sun and rain.

(3) Indoor installation of the fossil can be used to choose a similar color or complementary color, but not the use of warm and cold contrast strong color.

Cultural stone, divided into natural stone and artificial stone two categories. Culture Stone Its material solid, colorful, rich texture, different styles. Historically, Culture Stone it is very popular with the construction and collection enthusiasts. Its function to differentiate, but also can be divided into cultural ornamental stone, building decoration cultural stone two categories. Among them, the cultural ornamental stone is mostly natural stone;

With the progress of farming civilization, Culture Stone people are no longer wandering around in the same way as before hunting, picking and nomadic times. Because of the solid and durable nature of stone, and the characteristics of convenient material, people began to use stone for housing, Culture Stone tombs and other buildings. At this time, the building stone, but also more to local materials, Culture Stone a little processing, it is difficult to talk about the architectural stone of the artistry, appreciation and culture, but the practicality of the main.

With the rapid development of agricultural civilization, the social material also began to be greatly enriched. In the pursuit of building stone sturdiness and durability, Culture Stone people began to pay more attention to the architectural stone art, appreciation and culture. Especially in the use of natural stone for indoor, outdoor construction, decoration, more attention to its artistry, appreciation and cultural connotations. Culture Stone Many of the building decoration stone components after careful processing have been widely used in civilian buildings, royal buildings, temple buildings and tomb buildings. Thus, Culture Stone greatly enhance the decorative aesthetic and decorative effects of human architecture.