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Culture Stone How To Paste It
Oct 27, 2017

Cultural stone paste to be beautiful and natural, in recent years more and more people like to use cultural stone decoration, cultural stone light, durable, green, dust self-cleaning performance is good, easy to install, cost, Many people love, here we look at how the cultural stone paste.

First, the wall is clean and made rough surface.

Second, before the rock must be preceded by the rock on the ground with the best results arranged in the order of paving. The order is cement layer, cultural stone layer, cement adhesive seam layer.

Three, 425 or more white cement, ordinary cement, ceramic adhesives, high-performance special adhesive can be used as adhesive. Sequential order is culture stone, cement tank, adhesive.

Fourth, the rock full of moisture, the bottom of the rock in the middle of the application of adhesive to be piled up in a mountain shape, such as accidentally large area of dirty surface to be cleaned with a brush after use.

Fifth, the first corner. Full press, so that the rock can be seen around the adhesive extrusion.

Six, such as construction needs, can be cut to adjust the rock.

Seven, with plastic bags filled with paint to fill the gap, pay attention to grasp the depth, the deeper the gap the product of the three-dimensional effect.

8, after the beginning of the initial sealant, with bamboo and so on to remove the excess sealing material, with a water brush to repair the gap surface, such as inadvertent rock surface adhesion of a small amount of sealant or adhesive, to be dry After the removal with a brush.

Nine, the rock used in the outdoor, paved, the first health of the week, until the product and the sealing agent is completely dry after spraying protective agent for protection treatment.

Our common cultural bricks are made for artistic simulation. Regardless of imitation of natural or antique imitation, have reached a very high degree of realism, so that the brick has become a certain extent for the appreciation of art. With a cultural connotation and art, architectural bricks and cultural and artistic combination, the following we understand the cultural brick construction steps:

1, tools: cultural brick construction before the corresponding tools.

2, the level of construction, should be measured on the wall of the horizontal line and flatness, every 50cm playing a horizontal line.

3, the effect of the default generation: construction must be 2-3 boxes of cultural brick, cultural stone tiled on the ground, arranged the best results in the construction of the wall.

4, paste cultural brick order table: construction should first turn around the corner, after paste the plane, the paste after playing full, fully press the adhesive around the brick in the culture, to avoid the construction of cultural bricks when the hollowing out. According to the construction needs of the cultural brick cutting adjustment.

5, hook: hook with triangular bags out of the hook and fill the gap, the depth of the gap according to the construction requirements to adjust. When the hooking agent is semi-solidified (semi-dry), the extra gluing agent is extinguished with a hook knife or a small shovel. With a clean hard brush, brush off the cultural tile surface paste a small amount of gluing agent. Until the product and the hooking agent is completely dry, can be sprayed protective agent for protection (waterproof, antifreeze, anti-alkali, anti-ultraviolet).

The above five points is for everyone to introduce the cultural brick construction steps, the other suggested that you may be damaged after the out of the box, the break should not throw away directly, broken two pieces of a fight is still available, more retro natural