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Culture Stone Installation Method
Aug 03, 2017

1, cultural stone in the room is not suitable for large-scale use, Culture Stone in general, the use of its wall area is not suitable for more than one-third of its space wall. Culture Stone And the room should not appear many times the cultural stone wall.

2, cultural stone installed in the outdoors, try not to use sandstone class of stone, because such stone easy to seepage. Even if the surface made a waterproof treatment, Culture Stone but also vulnerable to sun and rain caused by aging waterproof layer.

3, indoor installation of cultural stone can be used near color or complementary color, Culture Stone but should not be used to emphasize the color of cold and warm contrast.

In fact, cultural stone and other decorative materials, according to the needs of the application, not only one-sided pursuit of the trend and use, but also do not reverse the trend and abandoned.

The installation of cultural stone has a different installation method. Natural culture stone can be directly in the wall construction, the first wall of the hair, and then wet with water, Culture Stone paste with cement can be. Artificial stone in addition to natural stone can be the way, you can also use the adhesive method. First with 9 PCT board or 12-board bottom, and then directly with the glass glue can be.

First, the wall will be clean and make rough surface, Culture Stone (such as plastic wood and other low water absorption smooth surface, to be shop barbed wire, and make rough bottom, fully health and then paving.

Second, before the culture of the stone must first culture stone in the ground with the best results arranged in the order of paving, Culture Stone (similar to the size, shape, color of the cultural stone not adjacent).

With a special hook bags for filling the gap, Culture Stone pay attention to grasp the depth, the deeper the gap the stronger the three-dimensional effect of the product. (Special Note: the kind of cake with the triangular bag squeeze the sewing agent, coated with a sealant after two or three hours after the scraping, too early easy to bricks to spend the flowers, too late is scratch Oh)

Cultural stone gap is generally about 15mm-25mm, according to different models, Culture Stone the size of the gap is also different.

After the initial sealant, with bamboo and so on to remove the excess of the joints, with a brush to repair the gap surface, such as inadvertent cultural stone surface adhesion of a small amount of sealant or adhesive, to be dry , With a brush to remove better. Some products do not need to stay seam.

The origin of the cultural stone can be traced back to the prehistoric it, from the human hair to drink the blood to Cangjie calligraphy, from the king of the king, to the emperor unified, Culture Stone human civilization history and architectural history. All filled with the shadow of each other.

Artificial fossils from the last century 60's, Culture Stone the United States called Mason's mason invented the "artificial culture stone" principle, just started in the western region of California high-end villa decoration used, and quickly occupied the entire US and Canadian markets. Today, Culture Stone man-made cultural stone has been the world's blooming, artificial culture stone imitation natural stone shape texture, widely loved by the public.

Cultural stone from the invention to the present large-scale use, the development history of a few decades, the reason why we are widely recognized because of his texture lighter, rich colors, Culture Stone higher strength, lower water absorption, Better; and energy saving, up to zero carbon dioxide emissions, and no radiation.