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Culture Stone Principles Of Chemistry
Oct 30, 2017

Stone damage repair from a certain point of view is not only a technology is an art, in order to restore the original stone by repair, must consider the principles of stone chemistry, Culture Stone resin chemistry, hue principle, optical principle, pressure principle. Repair process development, repair the choice of materials to completely determine the repair effect. Repair technology must be scientific and reasonable, repair materials to be more reasonable (stone repair materials must be considered: leveling, permeability, adhesion, Culture Stone oxidation resistance, polishability)

1, "Magnolia", "magnificent", "New Sago" and other stone holes, small diameter, relatively deep, choose to repair the plastic should focus on the repair of plastic leveling! If the leveling is not good, in the scraping gum, due to the role of air pressure in the hole, the repair glue can only be attached to the edge of the hole in the bridge, and in the subsequent grinding, due to the torque generated by the machine will be uprooted, The action, no batch of the results.

2, "Vientiane sky", "castle gray", "dream sea blue", "Culture Stone tropical rain forest", "sea flower" and other large flower stone series, its composition is extremely complex, relatively shallow holes, choose to repair glue should be considered Paint the permeability of the glue! If the permeability is not strong, powdered stone powder will become a medium, resulting in curing after the repair material and stone between the formation of fault, to be the end of the project, you will find the glue is futile.

3, any material will be oxidized, repair materials, anti-herringability is not good, once the conservation must change color, to ensure that the repair effect, repair materials, antioxidant had to consider. In addition to leveling, permeability, cohesion, oxidation resistance, repair polish is also more important, Culture Stone a Jun cover 100 ugly, the overall luminosity consistent, and many small flaws will not pay attention, but the luminosity is inconsistent , Like the freckles on the face, one can see it.

Artificial culture stone (also known as art stone) is a new building decoration materials in recent years. Because of its natural inorganic non-metallic materials, the selection of natural stone texture to capture and art to create a realistic natural appearance and texture. Products to the architects and users to provide a full of natural, filled with the atmosphere of the mountain village of the concept of space and performance techniques, Culture Stone to meet the modern city people tired of the hustle and bustle, respect for nature, the pursuit of the restoration of architecture aesthetic needs. Thus, by the unique personality, taste Zoran consumption of the family loved.

Mediterranean style: pure color lines, Culture Stone almost equal to the natural soft colors, space with the full use of each inch of space, showing the ancient civilization of the atmosphere.

Spanish style: the layout to create a beautiful mood, elements of the integrity and symbolic system, calm and passion, giving the feeling of livable.

Tuscany style: Tuscan style originally belong to the Mediterranean style, Culture Stone is a pastoral style, designed to focus on lines, shapes and colors of the face of the use of inspiration.

North American style: North American architectural style is actually a mixed style, North American villa developed into a simple atmosphere, Culture Stone but also set a variety of architectural essence in a unique style, fully embodies the simple and elegant, easy features.