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Culture Stone The Construction Process
Sep 07, 2017

"Cultural stone" is a general term. Natural culture stone can be divided into sedimentary sandstone and hard SLATE. Artificial culture stone products are made from inorganic pigments, such as cement, sand and pottery, and specially produced by the process of steam raising.

The main kinds of

Plain stone, also known as rural stone, land can be freely traded in the United States after a stone, when so many rich people in America are bought land for yourself, become a farmer, after they have permanent land use rights, then set about farming land, farming, due to the scattered field with a lot of stone or oblique, people need to sort out the stone in the land, cleaned up after, farmers use stone of natural resources, to build farms of the walls, and from the fields to pick up the stone to the base wall. Use some stones to decorate your house with walls. Over time, the stone began to be widely used, creating an idyllic stone that was very popular in the United States.

This plain stone has three main colors: brown, brown and red.

Hometown rocks are also popular, this stone was made a lot of different styles of hometown reef, very popular, and popular reason is: collect the natural stone can only be local, only the color of the fixed, and artificial stone can be made in many places, and can make a different color.

Stacked stone in the United States is the third popular culture stone piled up stones, its reason is popular in the United States, natural stone 12 dollars a square foot in the United States, and this kind of artificial stone as long as 6 dollars a square foot. The reason for this success is that it is half as much lighter, half cheaper than natural stone, and better installed.

The construction process

The construction of cultural stone is very different from ordinary wall construction.

1. Clean the metope and make a rough surface, such as plastic wood, such as low water absorption smooth surface, must spread razor wire, and make a rough surface, fully maintain and then spread the paste.

2. Before sticking to the rock, make sure that the rock is arranged on the flat surface to match the best effect. After the best effect, the rock should be placed in the order of the arrangement, and the rocks of similar size, shape and color are not adjacent to each other.

More than 3, 425 white cement, Portland cement (the proportion of cement, sand, 801 glue for 1:2:0. 05), ceramic bonding agent (please note that the bonding agent instructions) both high performance special adhesive could be used as bonding agent.

Four, fully rock will be wet, in the middle of the rock at the bottom of the daub binder to pile up in the mountain shape (stick archaize brick brick can be coated thin layer at the bottom of the bonding agent) such as large area carelessly flyblown surface should be used after wash immediately with a brush.

5. Stick the corner first. Press sufficiently to make the rock around to see the adhesive extrusion (some products do not need to be turned).

6. If the construction needs, the rock can be cut to adjust.

7. Fill in the gap with plastic bag, pay attention to the depth, the deeper the gap the better the stereo effect.

Eight, caulking agent after the initial setting, use bamboo to remove redundant joint sealant, such as use touch water surface of the brush to repair cracks, such as accidentally rock surface with a small amount of caulking agent or adhesive, after being its dry, use a brush to remove. For the better. Some products need not be sewn.

Nine, rock used in outdoor, the shop is stuck, after being completely dry products and caulking agent can be protective coating protective agent processing (can be waterproof, antifreeze, resist ultraviolet ray, prevent FanJian, etc).

10. Request to handle the fractal rock - the smallest slot is around 10mm, and the difference between the shape and size is adjusted by filling.

Interior decorates stone material ceaselessly to produce new, all sorts of high quality stone material in interior stylist's craftsmanship alone, become rich space adornment aesthetic new concept. The wall stone material causes the attention of the consumer especially, becomes the new pet - culture stone of the decoration industry.

Actually, this kind of stone material itself is not attached to any cultural meaning, it is the most attractive characteristics and color texture can keep the original stone, and allocate change color, stone texture can be connotation and art show. In accordance with the cultural concept of people advocating nature and returning to the natural world, people call this kind of stone "cultural stone". The wall that USES this kind of stone material decorates, the ground that is laid out, the wall scene that makes, can give a kind of culture appeal and natural breath really.

There are two kinds of cultural stones distributed in the market: a kind of sedimentary sandstone and a kind of rigid SLATE. The cultural stone is not as gorgeous as marble, and it is not as bright as granite, but it is very appropriate to create a landscape of mountains and mountains, or to make a place for the countryside. Moreover, the cultural stone is cheap, the specification is varied, the inlaid is easy to use, can reflect the individuality of the decorator, so it is more and more popular.

In interior decoration, cultural stone mainly used in decorating the living room. This should consider the area in the hall, light and so on. General experience is: large area hall, can use the size of a large stone slab, also can use irregular Mosaic form Mosaic. As for the whole metope spread, still be partial to decorate, can choose according to will. If the TV wall in the people's home is like other metope normally, and people often choose TV wall and sitting room other metope is different, undertake individual design and decorate to the TV wall.

Using texture coarse baroque culture stone Mosaic, from the function, culture stone can sound-absorbing, avoid sound effects on other bedroom, look from the decorative effect, it foil metal electrical products exquisite feeling, the simple sense of a strong contrast, extremely rich contemporary sense. Next to set two shelves to put the artwork that the owner loves, adorn the elegant temperament that reflects host.

The use of culture stone, don't too much abuse, so often backfire and banqueting hall area is lesser, when deck metope, can choose a few small specification, colour and lustre is light, flat as well, such not only can widen room from the vision, also can create a kind of natural atmosphere. Of course, when using culture stone, still should undertake clever layout and collocation.