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Granite Form Factor
Feb 03, 2016
When flowing along near-vertical cut infractured granite under erosion cutting, formingnear-vertical gullies, ravines and deeper toform two walls stand facing each other, lookedup at the blue sky, this is the first day.Granite is poorly soluble Rock [3], andtherefore could not form commonly found inlimestone area of the cave. But rains along thegranite body breaking soil, broken wall rockcollapse, irregular holes can be formed. Inaddition, the stone egg geomorphic developmentof the area, the spaces between stones and eggscan form caves. Such as the cave of the yellow mountain, Lotus, hole, the turtle tunnel."Ancient mountains poly spring", granitemountain springs is an important touristattraction. Such as Huangshan and Lishan mountain hot springs. Granite usually containsvery small amounts of radioactive elements.Therefore, spring water flows from graniteusually contains a small amount of radioactiveradon gas harmful to the human body, thesesprings to drink and can bathe, is not only an important tourism resource and valuable waterresources. Most of the granite landforms inChina appeared in the eastern region of abundantrain, mountains and high water, in the mountainsof granite peak forest landforms or the moredeveloped regions, generally falls are beingcreated. Such as Huangshan, baizhang waterfallfountain