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Landscapes Design
Oct 20, 2017

Horticultural landscapes are one of the most important elements of the landscape. As the majority of plants are flowering plants, colorful, seasonal changes are obvious, Landscapes so the requirements for the site is more demanding, to solve the horticultural and garden plants harmonious coexistence is the key, if not resolved, will be difficult to form Complete the flaw.

First, due to improper terrain, mistakenly gardening as a close side of the mouth, Landscapes repair tinkering the task, so that the best effect at best is spent long, but many times the flower is not long, light and improper location caused The innate flawlessness of the landscapes

A complete gardening flower with independent plots, and a blend of shrubs and lilies, which are slightly more comfortable looking:

Through the field experiment comparison, Landscapes it shows that the choice of the horticultural environment is more stringent for the terrain selection, the best background (villa courtyard, landscape wall, flower pool, swimming pool, lawn, river, billboard, sub-car belt, under the wall , Terraces, island, birch forest, bamboo forest, etc.) rely on.

The pedestrian street landscape is a combination of street pavement, street facilities and surroundings, that is, everything that people see from the pedestrian street, including paving, iconic landscapes (such as sculptures, fountains), building facades, , Landscapes Advertising facilities, Landscapes recreational facilities (space is enough to set), street sketches, street lighting, plant configuration and special street art performances and other landscape elements. Walking commercial street landscape design is all the elements of the landscape cleverly organized an art.

The landscape is the mark of nature and human social processes on the land, it is not purely natural space, but compound. Walking commercial street landscape is not in its landscape, Landscapes it is a dynamic four-dimensional space landscape, with a sense of temporal and temporal continuity of the sense of beauty and beauty. Walking commercial street to the street inside and outside the different attractions into a continuous sequence, while itself has become the landscape of the "line of sight corridor" and "ecological corridor." Landscape designers must have a wealth of professional skills, adequate market information and interdisciplinary knowledge, Landscapes the study of human vision, touch, hearing, taste and psychological requirements, from the form of beauty, beauty of space, space and time aesthetic and artistic creation to walk Commercial street landscape design.