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Landscapes Design Concept
Sep 07, 2017

Landscape refers to the landscape of a region or some type of natural scenery, also refers to the landscape of artificial creation. A general view of nature. A form of modern garden development.

Real meaning

1. Refers to the natural and artificial landscape with aesthetic characteristics, with the view of scenery, scenery and scenery.

2. Natural geography refers to a complex composed of topography, topography, soil, water, plants and animals.

3, the concept of landscape ecology, show by the interaction of block or ecosystem composition, in the form of a similar repeated a space heterogeneity area, is a classification of the meaning of the natural synthesis.

Landscape in the garden discipline refers to the first meaning.

Landscape is a dynamic whole system with time attribute, which is formed by the combination of geosphere, biosphere and human culture circle. Nowadays, the concept of landscape has involved many aspects, such as geography, ecology, landscape architecture, architecture, culture, art, philosophy and aesthetics. Because of landscape research is pointed out the future direction, guide people's behavior subjects, it requires people to cross belongs in the field of boundaries, across the people familiar with the thinking mode, and built jointly with the it domain fusion. Therefore, on the basis of integrating the concept of landscape, we should better apply it to the construction of various civil engineering construction, urban planning and design, and improvement of human settlements environment.

The landscape, whether in the west or in China, is a beautiful and difficult concept. Geographers to landscape as a scientific term, defined as a kind of terrain, or comprehensive natural geographical area, or a known type unit, such as urban landscape, forest landscape (lexicon, 1995); The artist takes the landscape as the object of representation and reappearance, equating the scenery; Architects use the landscape as a backdrop or backdrop for a building; Ecologists define landscapes as systems of ecosystems or ecosystems; Tourism experts use the landscape as a resource; More often, the landscape is landscaped by urban beautification activists and developers with the city's street view facade, neon lights, landscaping and small items. A more literary and broad definition is "a picture that can be seen in a single frame, which can be seen at a certain point of view."

Design concept:

A landscape is a synthesis of space and objects in the land and land. It is the imprint of complex natural processes and human activities on the earth.

The design of landscape architecture is an applied subject which is based on a wide range of natural sciences and humanities arts. The core is the relationship between the coordinators and the nature. It through to the question on the land and all human outdoor space, make scientific and rational analysis, find solutions and design problem solutions, supervising the implementation of the planning and design, and the earth landscape maintenance and management.

3. Professional direction: according to the nature, content, and to solve the problem scale is different, the landscape design study contains two professional direction, i.e., the landscape planning and landscape design, the former refers to, in a large scale based on the understanding of natural and cultural processes, coordinator of the relationship with the natural process, specifically to arrange the most suitable place for some purpose, and to arrange the most appropriate land use in the first place; The design of this particular place is landscape design.

_____ the landscape stylist is to use professional knowledge and skills, in landscape planning and design for working professionals, his lifelong goal is to build, cities, and all the activities of people and the earth in harmony of life.

Landscape architect is different from the traditional landscape architect and the gardener, the root of the landscape garden lies in: landscape design profession is a big industry, under the background of urbanization and social product, is in modern science and technology (and not just the experience) developed on the basis of; The object that landscape architect deals with is the complex synthesis problem of the land complex, and it is not a certain level (such as the scenic problem of visual aesthetic sense); The problems faced by landscape designers are the safety and health of all life on land, human, urban and land, and sustainable. He in the name of land, in the name of humans and other life, and in the name of human historical and cultural heritage, to care, reasonably use and design at the foot of the land and land space and objects.