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Landscapes Understand
Sep 21, 2017

Landscape refers to the landscape of a region or some type of natural scenery, also refers to the landscape of artificial creation. A general view of nature. A form of modern garden development.

Specific regional concept: refers specifically to the starting or basic regional units of natural geographical zoning, which is the same region of the same region, namely the natural geographical region.

Type: type unit is known, refers to the relatively isolated locations, according to the characteristics of external similarity, as the same type unit, such as desert landscape, grassland landscape, landscape science, specific areas.

In Europe, the landscape is the word first appeared in the Hebrew bible in the old testament, the meaning of the landscape with Chinese "landscape", "landscape", "view" is consistent, is equal to English "scenery", is the concept of the visual aesthetic sense.

The geographer defines the landscape as a scientific term, which is defined as the surface view, integrated natural geographical area, or the general term of a type of unit, such as urban landscape, forest landscape, etc.

The artist takes the landscape as the object of representation and reappearance, equating the scenery; Ecologists define landscapes as ecosystems; Tourism experts use the landscape as a resource; The architect views the landscape as a backdrop or background.

There are several aspects to the understanding of landscape.

(1) the comprehensive characteristics of a certain region, including natural, economic and humanistic aspects.

(2) the general natural complex: refers to the geographical elements connect with each other, restrict each other, the combination of regular internal consistent with overall, as big as a map (landscape), small as biogeocenose (single location), they all can be divided into different levels of regional or type unit.

(3) regional concept: it is the individual regional unit, which is equivalent to the smallest natural zone in the integrated natural division ranking system, which is the same region with the same occurrence and morphological structure.

(4) type concept: used for any regional classification unit, which refers to the same type of units, such as grassland landscape and forest landscape, according to the similarity of the external characteristics of the location. The concept is that the regional units are not the same as the landscape, but the regular combination of the landscape.

Landscape is a dynamic whole system with time attribute, which is formed by the combination of geosphere, biosphere and human culture circle. Nowadays, the concept of landscape has involved many aspects, such as geography, ecology, landscape architecture, architecture, culture, art, philosophy and aesthetics. Because of landscape research is pointed out the future direction, guide people's behavior subjects, it requires people to cross belongs in the field of boundaries, across the people familiar with the thinking mode, and built jointly with the it domain fusion. Therefore, on the basis of integrating the concept of landscape, we should better apply it to the construction of various civil engineering construction, urban planning and design, and improvement of human settlements environment.