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Main Component Of Granite
Feb 03, 2016

Granite is magma deep in the Earth and is formed by condensation of plutonic acid igneous rocks, part of granite of magmatic and sedimentary rocks formed by metamorphic gneisses or mix of rock. Granite mainly minerals such as feldspar, quartz, black Muscovites, quartz and is 10%~50%. Feldspar total about 2/3, consists of orthoclase, plagioclase (soda lime), and microcline (Potash). Mineral composition varies in different varieties, pyroxene and hornblende-bearing is possible.

Granite is hard, difficult or weathering are acid and alkali erosion, often used in building materials. Granite (Granite) the etymology of Latin GRANUM, noun granite is translated from Japanese to Chinese characters. The early Meiji dictionaries and books of geology will be granite or Granite translation flowers are just rocks. Flower described the rock with beautiful markings, just or gang says the rock is hard, which has a flower-like stripes of hard rock. Chinese scholars used this translation.