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Marble Stone Beautiful
Jul 26, 2017

Marble generally physical properties are relatively soft, which is relative to the granite in terms of. In the interior decoration, TV countertops, Marble Stone windowsill, indoor floor, etc. suitable for use of marble. Marble is the name of the commodity, not the definition of rock. Marble is a natural building decorative stone of a large category, Marble Stone generally refers to a decorative function, can be processed into a building stone or handicrafts have been bad or not metamorphic carbonate rocks. It is from China's Yunnan Dali City Cangshan produced by the brilliant color and pattern of stone named. Marble refers to marble, limestone, Marble Stone dolomite, and carbonate rocks formed by different alteration of skarn and marble and so on.

1, demarcation. Sometimes the two rooms are laid with tiles or flooring, Marble Stone different materials will have different specifications, so sometimes need to use the transition stone to boundaries. Often in the kitchen or bathroom and living room at the junction of the laying.

2, make up the role of convergence and transfer. Marble Stone Sometimes the two rooms lay the material or the terrain is a gap, you need to have a poor and handover things to solve, Marble Stone so the role of the stone is very obvious, in general, are higher than the floor tile, where you can use Had a stone.

3, Wai block effect. The bathroom and the kitchen are relatively easy place to wet, so the use of the stone can be a great extent to play a retaining effect, Marble Stone especially when the bathroom sometimes leaked in time to drain the water, prone to water Of the phenomenon, the installation of the door stone can be very good to prevent the floor was eroded.

4, beautiful. Home inside the door is the corner, if the floor, not very good arrangement, Marble Stone so that you can install a door stone, played a beautiful role, Marble Stone but also a certain degree of dirt resistance. Of course, this beautiful premise is to choose the appropriate style and material with the entire decoration style with the situation.

① It is usually recommended to pass the door stone slightly higher than the toilet ground 5 to 10 mm. Slightly blocking the height of the water can be, Marble Stone one is beautiful, the second is as little as possible at the foot of stumbling, the third is the toilet door is the highest point to find the slope, the water should be very little.

② the side of the low, Marble Stone the door stone is higher than the ground should not be more than 20 mm, with the above reason almost, one is beautiful, the second is at the foot of as little as possible stumbling, the third is the standard stone thickness is usually around 18 to 20.

③ too high height difference, you can choose another thick stone custom. Marble Stone Pay attention to whether the elderly at home or the use of inconvenient personnel.

Just from the color on the marble stone is undoubtedly the best choice, Marble Stone especially the natural marble door stone color the most beautiful, whether it is black marble sand or deep brown marble are very representative of the installation of such a marble marble In the interior is also a good landscape. The general use of the marble door stone size is not great, Marble Stone so the price of marble door stone is not very expensive.