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Marble Stone Clean Up The Structure
Jun 07, 2017

Marble Stone Clean up the structure surface → the structure of the vertical line → big angle hanging two vertical steel wire → stone drilling → back brush → paste flexible reinforcement material → horizontal position line → support bottom plate bracket → place bottom plate positioning → adjustment and temporary fixed → pouring M20 cement → set drainage → structure drilling and inserting fixed bolts → inlaid stainless steel fixing parts → with adhesive pouring down the upper hole of the wall plate → inserting the connecting pin → pouring the adhesive into the lower hole of the upper wall plate → temporary fixed upper wall plate → drilling insert expansion bolt → inlaid stainless steel fixing piece → top wall panel

2, Site receipt: By the person responsible, Marble Stone found to have quality problems, timely treatment, and is responsible for the site of stone stacking.

3, Stone Preparation: Use Colorimetric method to select the color of stone, Marble Stone the same stone color should be installed on the same surface, according to the design drawings and block order will be numbered stone.

4, grass-roots preparation: To clean up the structure of the surface of the decorative stone, while the structure of the set of side, regulation

Moment, pops up vertical lines and horizontal lines. And according to the design drawings and the actual need to eject the installation stone

Position lines and block lines.

5, hanging Line: According to the requirements of the design drawings, Marble Stone before the stone installation to use the theodolite to combat the large angle of two vertical control line, it is best to play in the position of 500px from the big corner, so that at any time to check the vertical wire line, to ensure smooth installation, and the control line up and down to mark

6, support the bottom decoration panel bracket, put the pre-arranged support on the upper level of the flat line to be installed on the bottom of the slate. Supporting to support the firm, Marble Stone to connect with each other, can also be connected with the shelves, after the stent is well, the direction of the nail-paved long 50mm thick plank, the board should be on the same level, to ensure that the stone below the same level on the surface.

7, on the connection of iron: The design of stainless steel bolts fixed angle steel plate peace. Adjust the position of flat plate, so that the small hole of flat plate just with the insert hole of slate, fixed flat plate, tighten with wrench.

8, the bottom of the slate installation: the side of the connection iron is well, Marble Stone you can put the bottom panel on the corner of the position.

9, adjust the fixed: After the panel is temporarily fixed, adjust the level, such as the surface of the plate is uneven, can be at one end of the bottom of the plate connected flat plate pad a corresponding double copper wire pad. Adjust the verticality, and adjust the wall gap between the upper and upper stainless steel connectors until the panel is vertical.

10. Top panel Mounting: The top of the last floor panel in addition to understand the general requirements of the installation of stone, installation and adjustment,Marble Stone in the structure and the gap in the slate hanging a long 20mm Atsugi strip, the wooden strip on the upper floor of the flat to 250mm, the hanging point can be located on the connecting iron. Can be colored aluminum wire hanging wood strips, wood hanging good, that is, between the slate and the wall between the gap in the filling, and packing tight, to prevent grouting leakage.

11, clean up the marble, granite surface: The marble, granite surface of the anti-fouling strip off, with cotton wire to clean the slate.