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Marble Stone Close To The Surface Effect
Oct 12, 2017

Whole body marble tiles, is a large tile body and surface texture color is basically the same marble tile upgrade products. Natural stone appearance and the blank is consistent, and the traditional marble tiles in the effect is difficult to achieve this, so that the depth of the depth of processing encountered in the slot, Marble Stone chamfer, arc and other treatment can clearly see the internal differences Color of the body, and tile glazed effect to form a huge contrast, looks very uncoordinated, regrettable. Marble Stone The whole body of marble tile production process and the system is to improve this problem, the green body and texture should be close to the surface effect, and even consistent, so that the real table as one.

1, whole body marble tiles in the tile body, the color, texture, function infinitely close to the natural stone layer quality change effect, texture texture more transparent

2, the whole three-dimensional fabric and color mixing process, so that the whole body of marble tile floor to the surface of the glaze layer to do the same, Marble Stone the entire brick body from any angle and any cutting method can achieve the perfect texture rendering effect, so real Texture quintana

3, the whole body marble tiles products through high tonnage press molding and high temperature firing, Marble Stone finished brick color is more delicate, higher performance and quality

4, higher grade! Natural stone appearance and the blank is consistent, the whole body marble tiles realistic restoration of natural precious stone, more closer to the tiles and natural marble products, the distance

5, tile body is full of changing texture, products and space full of soul, Marble Stone not only designers like to do the effect of realistic and elegant, more able to meet consumer demand

The whole body of marble brick a stone N surface, thick texture, especially for large space residential or high-end commercial space, whole body marble tiles have been used in villas, Marble Stone high-end hotels, restaurants, clubs and other high-end places.

Unique light yellow, natural texture, accompanied by a beautiful and elegant and generous new vision. Natural Altman used in simple and generous Chinese decoration, Marble Stone its unique personality and style in a strategically advantageous position, its light-colored style and white walls against the background. Whether it is home improvement in the door or window cover, backdrop, Marble Stone or the hotel lobby, cabinet finishes, choose Altman as a decorative material, are the best choice.