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Marble Stone Comfortable Feeling
Oct 30, 2017

Classical home environment is generally darker, Marble Stone and the choice of meticulous sense of light brown, yellow or light-colored marble can dilute the dull atmosphere of the overall home space. But also to enhance the sense of space stretched, so that the space is very quiet, soft, full of low-key luxury style.

European style design space, Marble Stone marble color is very important. Space base color mostly white and brown, use bold color or pattern color to mix and match. With the perfect line display, to enhance the room of the degree of sophistication, to the overall home to bring luxury, comfortable feeling.

Natural marble color, pattern itself is a beautiful pattern! Marble is not industrial, her texture, the color of the essence of the sun and the moon to absorb the essence of nature. And different geography, the environment and the level of marble, it will produce color, like the Chinese people, Marble Stone Shanghai, Heilongjiang, Ningxia, different places or people will be different, but each have their own beauty.

Natural, natural texture, luxurious texture is the greatest value of marble. For the marble with color, can not use the "defective" look, collected in the marble nature, Marble Stone each one is different, its color, texture is similar, not exactly the same. Color can form a colorful combination, resulting in a different kind of effect.

When you look from the artistic point of view, from the design point of view to create, you will suddenly find the color has more possibilities. Like a similar color of the painting, from 12 colors to 18 colors, 24 colors, or even 64 colors, with good color can be achieved more sense of hierarchy, Marble Stone sense of space and rich beauty.

Limited space, and thus do not produce oppression and crampedness. The last turn of the woody ceilings becomes the wall, and the side of the fire is stopped at the top of the fireplace, such as cold and hot rendezvous. The other side, large diamond-shaped totem wall and whitening ceilings, Marble Stone breath the whole kitchen space, the space so deepen the zoom, rhythm and fun, and the wall on the wall of the tension echoes.

The living room and dining Syria space intermediary, Marble Stone it is a strong character, strong point of the black ceiling, to guide the line after the advance, to light and shadow point of the posture into the end of the wall. Consumers point in the visual, Marble Stone but also and break the degree of folding plate bar, bedroom in the ceiling, wall folding plate structure consistent, Marble Stone this is a consistent with the owner of the character of the self-confidence living space.