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Marble Stone Daily Care
Aug 03, 2017

How to clean up marble furniture in summer is a problem. Marble furniture, a strong sense of texture, has a sculpture of beauty, innate characteristics, Marble Stone so that it is not deformed and wear characteristics of the surface makes the surface smooth and shiny. Although the marble furniture as a popular furniture, it is by virtue of the appearance of a beautiful also have their own fans. And the summer is coming, in the daily care which, Marble Stone how can we clean up the marble furniture?

Liquid easy to enter the interior of the marble, "water droplets to wear" the truth is based on the stone and water for a long time will be corroded. Therefore, when the maintenance of marble should not be washed with water. Marble is a porous material, usually easy to stick to dust. Therefore, for daily care, to clean up regularly, Marble Stone but need to pay attention to is clean with less water, with a slightly moisturizing detergent cloth wipe, and then use a clean soft cloth wipe and polish.

Natural marble itself due to the natural properties of its loose material, Marble Stone easy to absorb water stains, scratches and damage is very sensitive, if not often care and care, will lose the luster become gray, and even feel like a rough touch, Marble Stone There will be two cases of slight damage to the surface or serious wear.

For the serious wear and tear of the marble furniture is more difficult to deal with, can be wiped with steel wool velvet, and then polished with electric polisher to make it restore luster; Marble Stone for minor abrasions, you can use care of marble furniture, Marble Stone special cleaning agents and care agents used to maintenance, The effect will be better.

Marble is the main component of calcium carbonate, Marble Stone not with acidic liquid contact, such as vinegar, lemon juice and so on. Marble Stone Households with improper pH value of the cleaning products will destroy its luster, especially the acid detergent and the stone in the calcium carbonate from the reaction, Marble Stone so that the formation of permanent macular stone.

Marble furniture surface dirt and clean is not clean, you need to use liquid scrubbing time, you can use lemon juice or vinegar and other partial neutral cleaning agent for surface treatment, but the lemon juice stay in the best time not to long Where the marble absorption, time control in 1 to 2 minutes, Marble Stone if necessary, repeat the operation, after wiping must use water and then wipe it again, but also wipe with a dry rag.