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Marble Stone How To Reduce The Harm
Oct 27, 2017

The original marble is Dali with white pattern of white limestone, because it can be natural to form a variety of patterns, such as landscape painting, these natural marble is not much harm, but now, marble has become a generic , Refers to all the color of the building with the limestone, but also because of this, and lead to the production of various types of marble quality problems frequently, in particular, some workmanship is not refined products, although the price is more friendship, harm and more Big.

What are the characteristics and hazards of artificial marble, and what harm does it cause to the human body?

1, natural marble hazards

Natural marble, as the name suggests is naturally formed in nature, marble, stone is not good with radioactive material. Some experts have found that the natural marble radioactive hazards are mainly two kinds: one is from the radioactive radiation in the air decay, and the formation of a radioactive material radon and its daughters. This material into the human respiratory system caused by radiation damage, induced lung cancer, but also affect the human nervous system, people lack of energy, sleepy. Another kind of body refers to the radiation in the body directly after the body to produce a biological effect, the body's hematopoietic organs, nervous system, reproductive system and digestive system damage.

Although the marble contains radioactive material, but the marble material radiation is very small, basically no response to the human body, so we do not have to worry too much.

2, the characteristics of artificial marble

Artificial marble is usually made of natural marble or granite gravel as a filler, with cement, gypsum and unsaturated polyester resin as a binder, by mixing molding, grinding and polishing made, so artificial marble has many natural marble Of the characteristics, such as artificial marble can be manually adjusted, so many colors, flexibility is better, convergence is not obvious, the overall sense is very strong, and colorful, with ceramic luster, high hardness, easy to damage, corrosion resistance, High temperature, and very easy to clean. But there is also a great drawback, the human body has a more significant damage. Currently on the market common artificial marble is usually the following four: mud artificial marble, polyester artificial marble, composite artificial marble, sintered artificial marble.

3, artificial marble damage

It is because the artificial marble is made by man-made, so there are many uncontrollable elements, some manufacturers in order to reduce costs in the manufacturing process using inferior materials, the application of formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances, and some even directly add organic solvents , The use of heavy metals inferior materials, to create a large number of "poison marble", and artificial marble damage is mainly manifested in the pollution caused by poor quality materials.

This type of sheet generally has a common characteristic, peculiar chemical smell, the color is not natural enough, it will cause great harm to the human body, formaldehyde and benzene will be in the future for a long period of time to volatilize, and then enter The human body, causing great harm to the human body, while low-quality artificial marble in addition to harm the body, its own characteristics are relatively biased, such as hardness, fear scratches, fear of coloring.

So how to weaken the harm of marble?

When buying stone must be clear stone of radioactive and harmful gas indicators, the use of indoor ventilation should also be maintained. Can only open the window ventilation, reduce harm. Placed some plants, the air is also a point of freshness to help, pay attention to choose suitable for indoor cultivation, such as:

Aloe vera: aloe vera has a certain absorption of odor, and there are landscaping effect;

Cactus, the arrow lotus, fairy means: when the room has a TV or computer start, the negative oxygen ions will be reduced rapidly. And the stomata on the fleshy stems of these plants are closed during the day and opened at night, while oxygen is absorbed while the carbon dioxide is absorbed, so that the concentration of negative ions in the indoor air increases;

Green fruit with bonsai: fruit is the best in addition to taste, such as pear, orange, melon, small pumpkin, etc., will bring fruit plants bonsai in the new house, both environmentally friendly, fragrance and natural, but also healthy.