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Marble Stone Identification
Sep 12, 2017

Dali originally produced in Yunnan Dali white with a black pattern of limestone, the profile can form a natural ink landscape painting, ancient often selected with a pattern of marble used to make a painting or mosaic.

Later, the name of the marble gradually developed into a call all the color patterns, used to do the construction of decorative materials, limestone. White marble is generally called white marble, but the translation of the Western statues of white marble is also known as marble. On the name of marble, there is a saying - Dali marble in China before the best quality.

The process of formation: marble is the crust in the original rock through the crust in the formation of high temperature and high pressure metamorphic rocks, the internal forces of the crust to promote the original types of rock quality changes in the process. The change of mass refers to the change of the structure, structure and mineral composition of the original rock. The new rock type formed by qualitative change is called metamorphic rock. Marble mainly by calcite, limestone, serpentine and dolomite composition, the main component of calcium carbonate-based, accounting for more than 50%. There are other magnesium carbonate, calcium oxide, manganese oxide and silica. Marble is generally of a relatively soft nature, which is relative to granite. Of course, you do not have to ignore this, because the geological age is calculated in terms of billion, in our lifetime, this qualitative change is a limited change. Marble floor tiles to the beautiful appearance and very practical features to attract the attention of consumers. And other architectural stone is different, each piece of marble floor tile texture is different, texture clear curved marble, smooth and delicate, bright and fresh, like to bring you again and again the visual feast, installed in the room life, You can set off the room more elegant and generous.

Select the grade: According to the specifications of the size of the allowable deviation, flatness and angle tolerance, as well as the appearance of quality, surface finish and other indicators, marble plate is divided into superior products, first class and qualified three grades; , Identification is mainly through the instrument, measuring the identification of the tool.

Check the appearance of quality

The appearance of different grades of marble plates is different. Because marble is naturally formed, defects are inevitable. At the same time the advantages of processing equipment and measuring tools is also the cause of sheet defects. Some of the plate body is not full (warping or depression), the board is defective (cracks, trachoma, stains, etc.), board specifications are different (such as missing edges and corners of the board) and so on. In accordance with national standards, all levels of marble plate are allowed to have some flaws, but the superior product is not so obvious Bale.

Pick pattern tones

Marble plate colorful, diverse colors, patterns are the same, which is the charm of marble plate where the precious. The color is basically the same, the color is small, beautiful pattern is a good variety of specific performance, otherwise it will seriously affect the decorative effect.

Detection of surface gloss

Marble sheet surface gloss will greatly affect the level of decorative effect. In general, the polished surface of the quality marble plate should have the same gloss as the mirror, can clearly reflect the scene. But the different quality of marble due to different chemical composition, even the same level of the product, the difference in gloss will be great. Of course, the same material between the different grades of plate surface gloss will have some differences. In addition, the marble plate strength, water absorption is also an important indicator of the quality of marble.