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Marble Stone Natural
May 24, 2017

1, Marble Stone natural marble and man-made marble compared, is the natural marble good.

2, natural marble and man-made marble the characteristics of the two are different, its price, aesthetic level, environmental characteristics and so on, Marble Stone and many other factors. According to the material price ratio and other factors, users will choose according to their own needs:

(1) Natural marble

Advantages: Marble Stone The pattern of natural, polished feel good, strong hardness, compared to man-made to wear a lot, not afraid of coloring, have pores, will permeate.

Disadvantages: Some radiation, natural stone brittle, flatness difference love break, Flysch and stone connection is very obvious, can not do seamless splicing, easy to breed bacteria, lack of elasticity, difficult to repair, temperature changes will occur rupture.

(2) Artificial stone

Advantages: No radiation, a wide variety of colors, Marble Stone relatively natural flexibility, flysch and stone joints are not obvious, the overall sense of strong!

Disadvantages: Chemical composition of the human body is harmful, small hardness, afraid of scratching, afraid of hot, afraid of coloring.

(3) The harm of inferior man-made marble

At present, the bad quality of man-made Marble Stone slate in the market contains excessive benzene, formaldehyde, lead, organic acid and other harmful substances, Marble Stone such plates have a common characteristic is the pungent chemical odor, color is not natural chemical color, this containing formaldehyde and benzene of inferior man-made stone plate in cutting processing will emit a pungent odor, plate processing and forming devices, still will remain excess formaldehyde and benzene, this harmful substance to people have more serious damage.

(5) Price factor

The price of natural marble is high.

The price of man-made marble is low.

Any stone has radiation, man-made marble is not processed by stone powder, it also has radiation, the size of the radiation to see the specific amount of radiation produced raw materials, so if you have this concern, it is best not to use artificial marble. Additional reference: Marble Stone For the radioactive marble, the National Building Materials Bureau of Standardization Institute experts believe that in nature, natural radioactivity is objective, the same, natural stone products also exist in radioactivity, the key is to see whether it exceeds the national standards. Marble is formed by the influence of external factors such as the limestone in sedimentary rock by temperature and pressure. Because of its composition of calcite and dolomite is generally very low radioactivity, so the radioactive very low limestone metamorphic from the marble, radioactivity is also very low.