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Marble Stone Normal Phenomenon
Jul 13, 2017

Because the tiles look good is the surface of the glazed, Marble Stone under the glaze of the main body of the body made of clay, do not have the gloss and rich colors and natural texture, Marble Stone so the gap is currently the best universal tile is the use of the United States Sealants. Marble Stone The nature of the United States or the integration of a variety of chemical composition of the plastic material, Marble Stone as long as the glue is bound to aging, and because the thermal expansion and contraction coefficient and the brick body is different, Marble Stone a long time will still be aging, And tiles paving, due to bad specifications and manual error caused by the level of uneven are normal.

And natural marble quintana are the same, Marble Stone even if the wear to a few millimeters, its color, gloss, texture and surface is the same, so the natural marble in the paving after the completion of the user can choose to do mirror processing, mirror processing can be processed Out of the installation of paving produced when the subtle high and low error, after grinding, polishing, crevice treatment can make the whole ground as a square to form a bright mirror! Hence the name for the mirror processing. And can be repeated several times to deal with, Marble Stone even after years of surface scratches or heavy objects appear to produce a small gap, can be achieved through the mirror treatment as bright as a new effect!

Because marble has a beautiful color and rich texture, beautiful and elegant. Marble Stone In the decorative materials occupy the main and growing market share. And the current market is the most selling tiles is precisely "imitation marble tiles", then "fake ghost" is able to really replace the "Marble Stone really Li Kui" it? What is the truth of imitation marble tiles? Experts have done such a test experiment:

The detection method is this: we have prepared two models, Marble Stone one is called "sapphire" natural marble (blue marble in nature to the precious and beautiful), a is the same named "imitation sapphire" tiles The And then respectively, two look "almost" model were fixed on the display panel,Marble Stone with a digital camera (simulated people's eyes) in 2 meters, 1.5 meters, 1 meter and 0.3 meters four different distance points to shoot, and through Shooting effect of the intuitive contrast to determine the "imitation marble tiles in the decorative effect can be a perfect alternative to natural marble."

The natural marble color is formed by the various types of minerals formed by the color, different minerals appear to different colors, Marble Stone the varied texture is due to the distribution of ingredients is not the same natural formation. So, our eyes see the beautiful colors of marble is not actually "color", but not "printing pigments", but "material"! Of course, Marble Stone clear and beautiful, magnified countless times can not be blurred

So, "imitation marble tiles" is just "print", Marble Stone as if the simulation of the calligraphy and painting can never have the value of the famous real thing, at this point, Marble Stone the tiles and natural marble do not have comparable!