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Marble Stone Patterns Changeable
Sep 29, 2017

Whether it is color gorgeous, strong color of the granite or color changeable, Marble Stone soft color of the marble, if the use of long years or improper care, the surface of the magnificent color and luxurious quality will be gone, and easy to hide Scale, and even as seemingly obsolete, Marble Stone and free to knock off, resulting in unnecessary waste of resources. Therefore, the care of stone by the important, by using the ideal stone protection and maintenance products to keep the value of stone, value-added.

To the late 80s, a process from Europe, known as the "Crystallization System, the Chinese translated as" crystal face treatment ", in the early 90s to enter the Chinese market, this process is the principle of stone in the use and without wear, Through the use of crystal plus hardener, Marble Stone with the mechanical, the use of stones, by the pressure and heat generated by the chemical effect of the first stone under the pores closed, so that the dirt can not penetrate the same time, the surface layer with a layer of heat treatment protective layer, To increase the hardness of the stone surface and luminosity, more anti-skid effect, the original stone's natural color was exposed and comprehensive protection, luminosity can reach 90-100 degrees, Marble Stone the shelf life of 3-5 times the general wax water.Long-term use, The cost of human materials consumed is lower than that of wax water, eliminating the need for daily waxing and regular waxing and other complex processes and the use of a wide range of equipment.

This process is the ideal process for marble maintenance and refurbishment. The lack of the process is, if you want to achieve the best results, with the need to design a dedicated machine and accessories operation. Because the process of the weight of the machine and the speed of a certain parameter requirements. In addition the product of the brightener contains volatile irritant substances, the operator's health have some damage. The same period, another crystal surface of the product is also invented --- crystal hard powder (currently dominated by domestic), the use of 'dry' operation of the machine damage to the larger, the use of 'wet' long operation time, Marble Stone Equipment increased. There are other aspects of long-term use of stone surface corrosion will produce small spots. 'Dry method' and 'wet method' according to the type of stone and the operator's habit to choose.

Flatness of the level of direct impact on the brightness effect, Marble Stone on the one hand flatness difference will increase the grinding time, on the other hand the amount of crystal agent will increase. A long time with the wet method will be some damage to the stone. Marble Stone Flatness of the general use of crystal agent on the stone slightly scratches have a repair effect, it is recommended that the best leveling renovation and then do crystal face. General marble with diamond grinding disc to polish 800 can do crystal face.