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Marble Stone Rhitherigma To Rh
Sep 22, 2017

In modern decoration, relative to the previous terms, Marble Stone people's demands are getting higher and higher, more and more stress. Before casually installed a wooden jacket, the house installed on the line, but now the wooden window sets have been outdated, out of date. Marble Stone Even now in order to save the hard to install a wooden, I believe that soon will not be because of cracking, Diaoqi, moldy and other reasons were removed. In this way, before and after the cost of the cost of more than one place to install the stone sets of the cost of spending more.

Stone natural texture, mirror-like color, perfect texture will undoubtedly enhance the temperament of the entire space, with natural stone door cover, Marble Stone the whole space seems to be connected together stone, giving a visual beauty.

As we all know, the window is the most intimate contact between the interior and the outside world, it will often be the sun's direct sunlight, it will inevitably be affected by the erosion of rain. If the use of wood window cover at home, over long years is easy to crack, moldy. Marble Stone Stone has a good waterproof sunscreen function, a few years later can still glow it charming luster.

We know that long-term use of wood, there will be out of paint, potholes uneven phenomenon, greatly affected the beautiful, but the stone structure is tight, good wear resistance, Marble Stone long-term use, practical very strong.

One of the important reasons why we use wood to make a window cover is that the wood is relatively cheap, but the durability of the wood is very different from that of the stone. After a few years, it is time-consuming and laborious to repair the wooden case. Less, Marble Stone so that stone is a very cost-effective material.

Lobby and bathroom stone conservation care object is a variety of stone, each stone has its own rock and mineral characteristics, chemical and physical characteristics. Stone rock properties are nothing more than igneous rocks, sedimentary rocks and metamorphic rocks three categories. Marble Stone To chemical composition characteristics are divided into two categories of carbonate and silicate. Silicate rocks such as granite, diabase (gabbro), syenite, Marble Stone amphibolite, carbonate rocks such as marble, limestone, Marble Stone limestone and so on. Understanding the rock's rock properties can grasp the mineral composition and chemical composition of the rock, so as to determine the type of stone chemical weathering resistance and prone to disease. Master the structure and physical properties of rock, stone can determine the physical weathering ability, Marble Stone so as to guide the correct application of stone.

Modern stone application of chemical pollution mainly for the water spots, rust, Marble Stone pan base, discoloration, organic pollution. The reason for the emergence of water spots is very complex, generally believed that the water absorption of stone is high, stone protection did not do the appearance of rust is actually the composition of the iron in the rock oxidation results. Iron in the rock are generally in the presence of ferrous iron, but the ferrous iron is unstable, with the reaction of oxygen in the air, into trivalent iron, Marble Stone the formation of ferric oxide. Stone discoloration mainly in the poor chemical stability of the stone varieties, the installation process in the stone wall from top to bottom gradually turn yellow, over time, the entire wall completely yellow.