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Marble Stone Texture Effects
Nov 02, 2017

Marble tiles, abandoned the natural marble stone fragile and brittle properties, in the product hardness, marble tile hard and wear-resistant, marble tiles not only resurrected tile, Marble Stone endowed with ceramic tile life, at the same time, return to the natural marble stone original appearance; Marble tiles are not only the boundless awe of the nature of life, but also the ceramic people's perfect pursuit of the product of an artistic conception.

Marble Ceramic tile Product surface texture level scattered orderly, Marble Stone each texture is the connotation of natural craftsmanship, rich texture rendering and color as if it is a grand decoration banquet, a rich layer of texture effect is to meet the needs of the people to the perfect decoration.

Marble Ceramic tiles in exquisite ceramic technology and the top of the support of ceramic equipment, not only have the hard physical properties of the ceramic tile, Marble Stone but also to create a marble ceramic tile product texture Exquisite effect, the texture of marble ceramic tile also give the product itself more expressive.

Marble Tile is one of the many tiles category, however, the ceramic tile is the art of Earth and fire, in the past many ceramic tile products in harmony is very difficult to achieve the expected, but the marble tile is indeed a lot of relevant parameters have been done properly, and is the ultimate harmony.

Marble Tile products are Seiko extreme symbol, Marble Stone each marble tile products are so fluent, so obedient, and very pure, but also a soft.

Marble tile decoration is extremely strong, can perfect a variety of home application space and scene, shocking decorative effect not only to the enjoyment of endless vision, Marble Stone but also to achieve a very good integration of people and the environment.

In terms of the nature of ceramic tiles, marble tiles are imitation of a kind of natural stone tiles, fidelity is the first choice of marble tiles, emphasizing its fidelity, Marble Stone the ceramic tile and natural marble, in the premise of removing impurities, the similarity is better.

Marble ceramic tile is characterized by its natural characteristics and change to the uncertain, in order to avoid duplication of texture brought about by the stiffness of the space, the stone should be as far as possible not to repeat, to extract a few boxes tiles tiled on the ground, Marble Stone to see whether the repetition, the lower the repetition, the better the decorative effect

Imported inkjet printers are important equipment for making marble tiles, high-precision inkjet printing technology can be a perfect reduction of natural stone natural color, Marble Stone real and stereo: the screen at least for precision 360DPI high-precision spray printing, on-site identification of the pattern is clear, distance to the naked eye of the tile 10CM mesh or cable for high quality.