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Marble Stone The Different Patterns
Jun 21, 2017

Decorative Painting (Decorative Painting) is not a high emphasis on the artistry, but very particular about the coordination and beautification of the environment with the special art type works. Marble Stone The origin of the decorative painting can be chasing the tide to the Neolithic pottery pottery decorative patterns, such as animal patterns, human patterns, geometric patterns, are exaggerated deformation, Marble Stone highly refined graphics. Marble decorative painting is one of them, it has the following advantages:

Natural patterns (non-renewable, can not be copied), natural luster (showing natural luster), natural texture, high plasticity, can be processed in any shape; Marble Stone long geological diagenetic process, creating a different pattern of marble, Can not be copied; from the color point of view: rich colors, white, black, beige, green, pink, red and other colors and luster, and natural soft, not blunt, with a very good fusion; : Due to different varieties and showing a different texture, or warm, or hard, or structured, or as a mirror ... ..., it is not put it down, amazed!

Natural marble has unparalleled economic value compared to other man-made building materials. As a product of the evolution of millions of years, marble can have hundreds of years of service life. History of many natural marble achievements of the architectural relics have been thousands of years of history, Marble Stone such as the Greek temple, the ancient Colosseum and so have a history of more than 2000 years. "Refurbished" and "repairable" of the two characteristics, but also makes the marble timeless, more aesthetic, which is any other related building materials do not have.

Natural marble with its unique, Marble Stone scarcity to make the United States become eternal. There are many imitation marble tiles on the market, but this can be unlimited production of unlimited products, can not match the unique attributes of marble, rare to reflect the eternal value of natural marble is the best protection. Natural marble is the result of the power of nature, any artificial environment can not really copy and imitate, and can never be exceeded. Therefore, the natural marble beauty of the most classic, most eternal.

Ancient marble, natural marble as a noble material, often used in the palace, temples and statues and other architectural miracles in the construction of the show to the rulers and gods worship, respect for the natural forces; to modern, natural marble Still as an irreplaceable top building materials, as the national engineering, star hotels and handed down the mansion and other places of choice, Marble Stone such as the Great Hall of the "Golden Hall", the National Grand Theater and other buildings, all confirmed by the natural marble Of the extraordinary taste.

Natural marble in nature, produced in nature, like flowers and trees in general, and human life environment friendly fusion, does not contain the possible impact on human health radioactive material. According to GB2008, GB2010, GB2011, GB2013 standards, Marble Stone stone radioactivity is far lower than the tiles, wood flooring, mobile phones, computers, etc.), belonging to the national Class A (green) building materials; modern natural marble mining operations, has completely abandoned the gunpowder cracking And so on will naturally produce damage to the operation of technology, "cold mining" technology popularization and promotion, greatly improve the mining resources and utilization rate of mining resources, but also the destruction of the natural environment to a minimum.