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Marble Stone The Formation Process
Aug 21, 2017

Marble means in Dali in yunnan province, white with black decorative pattern of limestone, profile can form a natural ink painting landscape painting, ancient often choose have shape of decorative pattern of marble used to make screen or Mosaic.

Later, the name of marble gradually developed to refer to the limestone that had all kinds of colors, used for building decoration materials.White marble is commonly known as the white marble, but the white marble that makes statues in the west is also called marble.As for the name of marble, there is a saying that the marble quality of China's marble is the best

The process of forming process marble is a metamorphic rock formed by the high temperature and high pressure in the earth's crust. The internal forces of the crust force the changes of the original rocks.Qualitative change refers to the structure, structure and mineral composition of the original rock, and the new type of rock formed by qualitative change is called metamorphic rock.Marble, mainly composed of calcite, limestone, serpentine and dolomite, is mainly composed of calcium carbonate, which accounts for more than 50%.Other include magnesium carbonate, calcium oxide, manganese oxide and silicon dioxide.Marble is generally soft, which is relative to granite.Of course, you don't have to pay attention to this, because this geological time is calculated by billions, and in our lifetime, this qualitative change is a finite change.The marble floor tile has attracted the attention of consumers with its beautiful appearance and very practical features.And other construction stone, each piece of marble floor tile texture is different, clear curved marble texture, smooth, bright and pure and fresh, like to bring visual feast again and again, in the bedroom life, can foil the bedroom more elegant and generous.

Choose good grades: according to the size allowed the allowed tolerance deviation, flatness and Angle, and appearance quality, surface finish and other indicators, marble plate is divided into classy article, first-rate nonconforming product and three levels;The grading and identification of marble plates are mainly identified by means of instruments and measuring instruments.

Check appearance quality

The appearance of the marble plates varies from grade to grade.Because marble is formed naturally, defects are inevitable.At the same time processing equipment and measuring tools are also the cause of the defects.Some plank body is not plump (warp or sag), board body has defect (crack, sand eye, color spot etc.), board body specification is different (if lack of edge, plank is not right) wait.According to the national standard, all grades of marble are allowed to have certain defects, but the superior products are not so obvious.

Color selection

Marble plank colour is colourful, tonal diversity, pattern is not identical, this is the glamour that marble plank is valuable.Tonal basically consistent, chromatic aberration, decorative pattern beautiful is the concrete expression of fine breed, otherwise can seriously affect adornment effect.

Detect surface gloss

The high and low gloss of the marble plate will greatly affect the decoration effect.Generally speaking, the polished surface of high quality marble should have the same luster as a mirror, and can clearly reflect the scene.But different qualities of marble are different in chemical composition, even in the same grade of products, their gloss differences can be very large.Of course, the surface gloss of the plates with different levels of the same material will also be different.In addition, the strength and water absorption rate of marble slab is an important index to evaluate marble quality.