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Polished Stone Production Steps
Feb 03, 2016

Rough grinding: grinding knife quantity required deep, high efficient grinding, grinding grain rough, grinding out a rough surface, the main procedure before you remove products left in the flatness of saw blade marks and products, handsome face grinding;

Semi fine grinding: the coarse grinding traces are cleared, forming new fine-line products processing surface is flat and smooth;

Fine grinding: grinding product pattern, grain, color, clearly displayed, delicate, smooth surface, start has a slight gloss;

Grinding: the processed products, no trace of detected by the naked eye. More and more smooth surface, gloss around 40~50du or so;

Polishing: the surface is bright as a mirror, have some specular gloss (85 degrees). Note: polishing mill stone in was processing products Shang polishing, stay polishing products hot Hou, will board surface added amount water, to up to cooling role, not allows continuous added water or large added water, or, water of lubrication role will will makes polishing up not to ideal effect, also cannot all using dry polishing, high of temperature will burned Board surface, and will makes Board surface appeared crack.