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Sandstone Decorative Effect
Sep 29, 2017

Sandstone with noise, moisture absorption, anti-damage, outdoor weathering, water does not melt, not long moss, easy to clean and so on. Its products are non-polluting, non-reflective, non-weathering, Sandstone do not change color, heat absorption, insulation, anti-skid and other characteristics.

Sandstone is the most widely used stone of mankind, Sandstone its noble and elegant temperament natural environmental characteristics of the achievements of the history of the building blossoming wonderful flowers. Hundreds of years ago decorated with sandstone made of the Louvre, Sandstone the British Royal Palace, Harvard University, Notre Dame, etc. still still charm still, the classic forever.

Sandstone in the building and decoration space, showing the natural decorative effect and artistic content, is the other decorative materials can not be compared. Surface texture and strong plasticity and expressive force, Sandstone can make it show a variety of different artistic style.

Sandstone (Sandstone) features:

1. Sandstone is a matt stone, does not appear due to light reflection caused by light pollution, and it is also a natural non-slip material.

2. Sandstone is zero radioactive stone, no harm to the human body, Sandstone suitable for large area applications.

3. As the sandstone particle gap taught large, Sandstone there is air between the particles, so sandstone has sound absorption, moisture absorption, heat insulation, fire characteristics, but also gives the sandstone a certain degree of ventilation, is a breathable stone.

4. Sandstone has good durability, it is not weathering, Sandstone do not fade, is a great outdoor stone. Many in a few hundred years ago with sandstone built in the building, is still the style still, charm still exist.

5. Sandstone color and lines are complex and varied, with excellent decorative performance, while most of the sandstone colors are warm colors, it is very elegant, Sandstone warm and yet luxurious atmosphere.

Sandstone also has excellent carving performance, can use a variety of carving techniques, can be carved into different forms of sculpture.

Australian sandstone is the world's most famous sandstone products, with the Chinese sandstone, the Spanish sandstone and Indian sandstone with the world's four major sandstone (four sandstone producing areas). Australian sandstone is formed by quartz stone weathering, Sandstone water erosion, and sedimentation. Due to the stability of the Australian geological block, the unique natural environment, created the Australian sandstone excellent quality, noble color and unique texture, is an excellent decorative stone.