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Sandstone Extensive Stone
Aug 10, 2017

Sandstone is the most widely used stone, Sandstone its noble and elegant temperament natural environmental characteristics of the achievements of the architectural history of the flower. Hundreds of years ago, with sandstone decorated with the Louvre, the British imperial Palace, Sandstone Harvard University, Notre Dam De Paris and so far still still, refined code forever.

The natural decorative effect and artistic intension of sandstone in building and decorating space are incomparable with other decorative materials. Surface texture and strong plasticity and expressiveness, Sandstone can make it to display a variety of different artistic styles.

Sandstone, like ordinary stone, needs to be cared for, Sandstone to keep sandstone beautiful appearance, luster, texture and practicality, we must recognize the characteristics of sandstone, while taking special care measures. Stone is widely used in various occasions, but consumers generally do not care about the expertise of stone.

Natural stone, like natural wood, Sandstone is a porous material that breathes, so it is easy to absorb moisture or dissolve through water to invade pollution. If you absorb too much water and pollution, it will inevitably cause all kinds of stone lesions, such as: cracking, weathering, shedding, floating up, spit yellow, water spots, Sandstone rust, Hua, fog and other annoying problems. Therefore, the stone should avoid washing with water or wet mop to wash stone surface.

All stones are afraid of acid-base. For example: Acid often results in the oxidation of pyrite in granite and the occurrence of yellow, acid will break down the marble contained in calcium carbonate, Sandstone resulting in erosion of the surface, alkali will also erode the granite feldspar and quartz silicide crystallization of the grain boundary caused by the phenomenon of crystal stripping. Therefore, non-neutral items are the cause of destroying the stone mirror.

There are many kinds of wax in the market, Sandstone such as water-based wax, feeling fatty acid wax, oily wax, acrylic wax and so on. These wax basically contain acid-base substances. Not only will block the stone breathing pores, but also stained with dirt to form a wax, resulting in the surface of stone yellow phenomenon. If a place with a high frequency of pedestrian and cargo flow must be waxed, it must be professionally maintained by the company to guide the use of wax and maintenance.

In order to quickly clean the effect, Sandstone generally clean all contain acid-base, so if the use of unknown ingredients for a long time detergent, will make the surface of the stone luster lost, Sandstone and because of the residue of the neutral agent is the main cause of the future stone lesions.

In order to keep the stone breathing smoothly, should avoid in the stone surface covering the carpet and sundry, otherwise, the stone moisture can not be through the pores of the stone to evaporate. Sandstone The stone will be due to moisture, water content increased and caused annoying stone disease problems if you must lay carpets, heap debris, please don't forget to constantly change to keep clean and clean.

In order to prevent pollution deterioration, easy to scrub, prevent water infiltration or to make sandstone more bright, you can use the method of brushing protective agent. In order to prevent pollution deterioration, Sandstone easy to scrub, prevent water infiltration or to make sandstone more bright, you can use the method of brushing protective agent.