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Sandstone Feature
Aug 21, 2017

Sandstone is a sedimentary rock, mainly composed of sand consolidation, particles 0.05 2 mm in diameter, the sand content more than 50%, stable structure, usually a light brown or red, mainly containing silicon, calcium, clay and iron oxide.Most sandstone is composed of quartz or feldspar.

Morphological characteristics, sandstone is the source area rocks weathered, denuded, transported in the basin formation.Rocks are composed of debris and interstitial material.Minerals: quartz, feldspar, white mica, calcite, clay mineral, dolomite, oolite, chlorite, etc.The filler consists of two components: cementitious and clastic.Common colloidal materials have silica and carbonate cementation;The heterogeneity mainly refers to the finer clay or silty particles deposited with the detrital particles.

Sandstone is a kind of sedimentary rock, which is deposited on the riverbed by the water erosion by the stone grains, which is strengthened by the accumulation of thousands of years.Later, the earth's crust moves to form today's mines.Although China's breed of sandstone is very much, but the Lord is concentrated in sichuan, yunnan and shandong, this is sandstone of the three major production areas in China, at the same time, hebei, henan, shanxi, shaanxi, also have, but the product awareness is not high, small influence.


Characteristics: sandstone, sound insulation, moisture absorption, anti-damage, outdoor weathering, water insolation, not long moss, easy to clean, etc.Advantages of sandstone:

The advantages: sandstone is a kind of non-light pollution, non-radioactive high quality natural stone, no radiation injury to the human body.It is moisture-proof, anti-skid, absorbance, absorbance, tasteless, radiation-free, fadeless, warm and cool in winter, warm and elegant;Compared with wood, it is not deformed, deformed, not decomposed and colorfast.Product installation simple, as long as with marble glue can make the carvings on the wall, the products with wooden decoration organic connection, background modeling space to play a more perfect, to overcome the traditional stone material cumbersome and reduce installation costs.Decorated houses do not need to add other processes and paint to install the sculpture directly onto the wall.

The material aspect of the material, a kind of warm and tonal decorative materials, simple and elegant and warm, harmonious and not lose the luxury;It has the texture of stone, the texture of the wood, and the spectacular landscape painting, rich in color, close to nature, ancient and elegant, and unique in many stone materials, which is called "lishi".

Sandstone is the most widely used stone material, its noble and elegant temperament natural environmental protection characteristics to achieve the architectural history.The Louvre, decorated with sandstone hundreds of years ago, is still in the air of the imperial palace, the Capitol, harvard and Notre Dame.

In the past, the sandstone was very difficult to use in construction, which was due to the backward cutting and processing machinery of the quarry.In recent years, these conditions have been improved, gradually with the highest level of professional knowledge, according to the customer's color requirements to provide customers with high-quality products.Sandstone can be widely used.There are even people who think, "people can think of it, it can be used".