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Sandstone The Most Extensive
Jun 21, 2017

Sandstone is currently the world's most widely used building stone. why? First, the durability of sandstone is first class, we can see in real life hundreds of years of sandstone buildings, such as: Notre Dame de Paris, the Louvre, the US Congress, etc., Sandstone there is sandstone from the simple embodiment of a Kind of noble and elegant temperament for people particularly love.

Zigong City HSBC Stone Industry Co., Ltd. is one of the largest sandstone production and export enterprises in southwestern China. The only stone enterprise with independent import and export right in southern Sichuan is the first net marketing enterprise in southwest region with stone online mall. Enterprise management model and quality standards leader, South China stone finishing the first brand. The company has two branches, namely, sandstone, granite, marble, quartz stone and other stone home improvement, Sandstone engineering, import and export trade business, HSBC Stone Industry Co., Ltd., HSBC granite company and Sichuan Xinfeng Rui building materials, Concentrated finishing 19 years, the southwestern region has the first stone independent import and export rights of enterprises, Sichuan sandstone leader, southwest region's largest sandstone production base, Sandstone the world more than 1,000 projects witness the most valuable Chinese sandstone brand.

Red sandstone wave valley scenic area in Jingbian County, more than 20 kilometers southeast of Longzhou Township Yan family stockade, is a typical sand formed by the Danxia landform, for the Loess Plateau and Maowusu Desert junction. Scenic spots are Longzhou reservoir canyon, wave valley and red sand hilly canyon, Sandstone stretching a few kilometers. Wave Valley is a red sandstone landscape, forming about 60 million years, because the rock on the lines like waves and hence the name. Red sandstone is known in the academic world as "soft rock", between the Paleozoic Permian and Mesozoic Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous.

Red sandstone wave valley is still in the protection of the development of the start, while the individual visitors are deep into the red sandstone landscape hinterland rock climbing. If the landform is destroyed, its natural characteristics will be no recovery. Tourists need to consciously love the natural formation of the landscape, management also need to keep up. At present, there is no official travel here, Sandstone just for some of the sections surrounded by barbed wire, do not charge tickets, visitors have to self-restraint to do. In the words of our condemnation, the two turns to return.