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Sandstone The Most Extensive
Jul 04, 2017

Sandstone is the most widely used stone of mankind, its noble and elegant temperament natural environmental characteristics of the achievements of the history of the building blossoming wonderful flowers. Hundreds of years ago decorated with sandstone made of the Louvre, Sandstone the British Royal Palace, Harvard University, Notre Dame, Sandstone etc. still still charm still, the classic forever.

Sandstone in the construction and decoration space, showing the natural decorative effect and artistic content, is the other decorative materials can not be compared. Surface texture and strong plasticity and expressive force, can make it show a variety of different artistic style.

Sandstone with noise, moisture absorption, anti-damage, outdoor weathering, water does not melt, not long moss, easy to clean and so on. Its products are non-polluting, non-reflective, Sandstone non-weathering, do not change color, heat absorption, insulation, anti-skid and other characteristics.

Sandstone and travertine sandstone and travertine are sedimentary rocks, low strength, high water absorption, poor weather resistance, this is not the ideal material for stone curtain wall panels, but sandstone and travertine unique texture, color and style, making the architect Like to use them as stone curtain wall.

The sandstone is made of fine sand, and the natural surface is coarse and fine. The physical and mechanical properties of sandstone are quite different due to different origin. Some Australian yellow sandstone and Italian yellow sandstone may have less than 3MPa bending strength, while the green sandstone of Sichuan Longchang is hard as grinding stone, and the bending strength can reach more than 10MPa, Close to granite.

Some sandstone is more dense, the water absorption can be less than 2.5%, while some sandstone water absorption of more than 6% .Therefore, different sandstone, Sandstone its saturated bending strength and freezing and thawing coefficient are quite different. Some sandstone, such as Sichuan, Guangdong red sandstone, after the water there will be softening phenomenon, some red sandstone after a long period of wet even become muddy, Sandstone such a red sandstone for the curtain wall is not appropriate, had to use, should take More effective measures.

Travertine is a trade name, often referred to as porous limestone and porous tuff, stone contains many holes. The diameter and distribution density of the hole are related to the type and origin of stone. The common feature is the low strength, loose texture, the hole is easy to water, Sandstone anti-freeze-thaw performance and weatherability are poor. Some very low strength of the travertine, processing a good stone even in the transport process on the broken, broken.

As a result, the performance of sandstone and travertine is much worse than that of granite, which is prone to safety problems. Sandstone Owners and designers choose sandstone and travertine as curtain wall panels, must be carefully considered in advance.