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Sandstone What Are The Achievements?
Sep 22, 2017

Sandstone surface fixed tube card in two forms:

1. Sandstone thickness is thin and can determine keel position;

2. sandstone keel specific location is not clear;

Second, the sandstone is thin and can determine the keel position when the tube card fixation method

1. Program: If the gray sandstone distribution is uniform, Sandstone and can clear the keel position, Sandstone with the drilling nail through the gap between the sandstone sand pipe will be fixed on the keel.

2. Advantages: with the keel fixed to ensure the stability of the tube, solid; will not damage the stone, will not affect the sandstone facade

Third, the sandstone thicker keel position is not clear when the tube card fixation method

1. Program: When the dry sandstone sandstone keel location is not clear, Sandstone you can pipe directly fixed to the stone surface, the specific approach is: with a special sandstone hole in the marble open diameter hole, the aircraft bolt through the nail to Zhang The back of the bolt to form a similar aircraft wings like hanging in the back of the sandstone to form a fixed;

2. Advantages: the construction is simple, easy to operate, Sandstone the aircraft can increase the safety of the tube to ensure the safety of the pipe and to ensure the integrity of the stone facade, will not damage the sandstone.

Sandstone, as a natural building material, is admired by fashion and natural architects and is widely used in commercial and home furnishings.

At present, sandstone sculpture has gradually entered every family, can be seen everywhere in the district, whether it is downstairs park, or decorated in a small corner, Sandstone from the art of sandstone plate, or to a staircase handrail corner of a sandstone relief. Sandstone Whether it is as a decorative material, art wall, art plate, or art sandstone, it's stylish and beautiful, Sandstone elegant atmosphere are well received by consumers.

The future will be the world of sandstone sculpture, whether it is white walls and ceramic tiles combination of the room, or the emergence of a variety of materials, Sandstone sandstone, from the floor to the decorative walls of art, art sculpture to every corner, it makes the whole space to see Up more sense of space, so that every place is in the gorgeous sandstone decoration low. People living in increasingly demanding today, Sandstone sandstone will gradually occupy the mainstream of decoration.