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Travertine Stone Long-term Durability
Sep 22, 2017

Stone powder is the mechanism of sand in the particle size of less than 0.075mm fine particles. Travertine Stone Stone powder and mud powder is different, it is the same machine with the mother rock, mineral composition of the same, is part of the system of sand. At present, many engineering and technical personnel in the sand in the lack of understanding and understanding of the stone powder and mud powder confused, resulting in engineering restrictions or abuse of stone powder, often bring unexpected results. Therefore, Travertine Stone the correct understanding of stone powder characteristics is the key to its successful application in concrete.

Stone powder characteristics and the mother rock is closely related. The properties of the stone powder prepared by different mother rocks are not necessarily the same. At present, Travertine Stone the project is widely used mainly lime stone powder, sandstone powder and so on. The basalt rock powder and limestone powder characteristics are completely different, therefore, should not be simply equivalent in the application.

In general, the amount of stone powder can improve the workability of concrete, reduce the water demand, improve the mechanical properties of concrete, improve the resistance of concrete to chloride ion permeability and frost resistance, concrete shrinkage in the late have a certain role.Travertine Stone  But the general stone powder in the concrete mainly from the role of filler, basically do not participate in cement hydration, and the impact on the hydration process is very small. However, when the powder content is too high, its negative impact on the performance of concrete will gradually appear, especially for mechanical properties and long-term durability.

In practical application, the quality of stone powder control is also one of the key technologies. Quality key parameters should be controlled with mud, Travertine Stone fineness and other indicators is to ensure its practical application of concrete quality of the important guarantee.

Correctly grasp the characteristics of these aspects of stone powder, Travertine Stone is to guide its concrete in the commercial concrete, the correct application of the key.

Limestone powder as a concrete admixture, has its important characteristics: First, the more pure limestone powder (clay content is low, high calcium carbonate content), Travertine Stone water demand ratio is low, can greatly reduce the concrete unit volume of water; , Fine fineness, in the concrete can better play micro-aggregate effect; the third, can greatly reduce the high-strength concrete viscosity, reduce pumping pressure, improve the pumpability. Evaluation of the quality of limestone powder, first of all to see its methylene blue value (MB), MB value is small, less clay content, adsorption performance.

Can limestone powder be incorporated into ready-mixed concrete? The main component of limestone is CaCO3, its CaO content is generally more than 45%, is the main raw material for cement production, Travertine Stone in the production of cement CaCO3 decomposition of the main formation of silicate minerals. Early cement plants also incorporate limestone powder into cement. But the use of any material need to be based on the test to understand the effect and measurement. From the relevant data test, Travertine Stone we can find a single limestone powder can promote the hydration of its rubber to speed up, when the dosage reached 50% when the mechanism changes, a great impact. Travertine Stone The early strength of concrete mixed with limestone powder has increased, while the late strength is almost or slightly improved. It is presumed that mass concrete is not suitable for more limestone powder. Travertine Stone Concrete mixed with fly ash at the same time appropriate amount of limestone powder is more reasonable.