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Travertine Stone Of The Response
Jul 26, 2017

In view of these problems, Travertine Stone specifically proposed the appropriate solution: ① regular cleaning filter, the expansion of the exhaust fan unloading valve technology to improve the original automatic unloading valve, replace the butterfly valve plus silencer manual control, so as to solve the oxidation fan output Lack of problems; ② for the problem of insufficient capacity, proposed the following rectification program, that is, Travertine Stone in the existing one Taiwan two oxidation fan with a prepared case, the addition of a pipeline in the oxidation fan outlet, access to desulfurization tower, , Start the standby oxidation fan (that is, Travertine Stone two oxidation fans running), in order to improve the oxidation rate, Travertine Stone to achieve oxidation system capacity, thereby improving the operation of the desulfurization system.

Absorption tower must ensure a certain level of height, Travertine Stone in order to make the absorption tower to fully reflect the SO2. The absorption tower level of the desulfurization system is calculated based on the differential pressure measured by the differential pressure transmitter and the slurry density in the absorption tower. In the calculation process, there is no real-time slurry density value, Travertine Stone but with a fixed value. Travertine Stone When the actual slurry density is lower than the fixed value, DCS shows the liquid level is lower than the actual level; Travertine Stone the other hand, Travertine Stone the opposite is true. Therefore, Travertine Stone during the commissioning and operation of the desulfurization system, the absorption tower is often spilled or the flue gas is emitted from the tower overflow port.

In order to better control the level of the absorption tower slurry, according to the operating conditions of the site to determine a reasonable level of operation, Travertine Stone including the following two points: ① man-made to reduce the operation control level gauge display level, so that the actual level of the tower only high In the tower body overflow height, to prevent the leakage of flue gas; ② correction of the absorption tower slurry density to improve the level gauge display level, the liquid level control in the tower overflow to the overflow outlet elevation between.

Valve internal leakage will cause the absorption tower or pit level abnormal increase. During the commissioning and operation, Travertine Stone there have been several times the demister, circulating pump and other equipment and facilities flushing water valve leakage phenomenon. Check found that the main body is the quality of the damage to the body, or valve head failure caused by control. Therefore, the relevant departments to change the valve manufacturer, Travertine Stone replace the quality of the valve. At the same time, but also to strengthen real-time monitoring and equipment inspection, found abnormal liquid level in a timely manner, Travertine Stone which is a good solution to this problem.

In the application of limestone - gypsum wet flue gas desulfurization process technology, the emergence of high solid content, Travertine Stone absorption tower overflow, slurry blistering, gypsum dehydration and other issues. In view of these problems, especially to take the relevant response measures, received a certain effect, Travertine Stone to ensure the safety of the system, stable operation.