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Travertine Stone Process Characteristics
Aug 21, 2017

The characteristics of limestone desulphurization process, the above 90% flue gas desulfurization project of 300MW and above units are currently used in limestone desulfurization technology.

The technology has the following characteristics: high desulfurization efficiency.Limestone (lime) technology of desulfurization gypsum wet desulphurization rate is above 95%, a limestone gypsum wet flue gas desulfurization technology and application of limestone - gypsum wet flue gas desulfurization technology is currently the most widely used in the power plant desulfurization technology.After the desulfurization of flue gas so2 concentration is low, not only but also greatly reduce flue gas dust content, wet desulphurization technology on large units, large amount of sulfur dioxide removal, is conducive to regional total amount control and the power plant.The technology is naive, the operational reliability is good.The transport rate of the wet limestone gypsum of the foreign thermal power plant can reach more than 98%, especially the new large units (200MW or above) adopt the wet process desulfurization process, and the service life is long.Good investment benefit can be obtained.The adaptation of coal variety is strong.

This technology is applicable to any of the sulfur content of flue gas desulfurization of coal, both sulfur content is more than 3% high sulfur coal, or sulfur content less than l % low-sulfur coal, limestone (lime) gypsum wet desulfuration technology can adapt.Generally large area, adopting the introduction technology and a large number of imported equipment construction investment relatively high.Absorbent resources are abundant.It's cheap.As limestone (lime) sorbent of limestone gypsum wet desulphurization process, the distribution is very wide, rich in resources, is also very good, in many parts of the limestone grade calcium carbonate content in more than 90%. Performers can reach more than 95%.In the various absorbent of desulfurization process, the limestone price is cheap, the crushing mill is simple, the calcium utilization is high, and many manufacturers can provide the waste limestone powder.

The use of carbide slag as absorbent can be used to treat waste.The product of desulphurization is convenient for comprehensive utilization.The desulphurization byproduct of lime gypsum wet desulfurization process is dihydrated gypsum.The annual production of desulphurized gypsum from Japan and Germany is 2.5 million tons and 3.5 million tons, which is basically comprehensive utilization. The main purpose is to produce building materials and cement retarder.The comprehensive utilization of desulphurizing byproducts can not only increase the efficiency of power plant, reduce the operation cost, but also reduce the disposal cost of desulphurization byproducts and prolong the use of the ash field.Whether the desulfurization product adopts the discard method or the comprehensive utilization needs to combine with the local actual situation.