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Travertine Stone The History Of Mining
Oct 12, 2017

Limestone is a common non-metallic mineral, is a very valuable resource. Limestone is a trade name of limestone as a mineral raw material. Limestone in the history of human civilization, Travertine Stone with its wide distribution in nature, easy to obtain the characteristics and is widely used.

As a major building material has a long history of mining, in modern industry, limestone is the manufacture of cement, lime, calcium carbide main raw material, metallurgical industry is an indispensable flux limestone, high-quality limestone by ultra-fine grinding, Used in the manufacture of paper, rubber, paint, Travertine Stone paint, medicine, cosmetics, feed, sealing, bonding, polishing and other products.

In life, limestone processing made of pure powder calcium carbonate, used as rubber, plastic, paper, toothpaste, cosmetics and other fillers. Agriculture, with lime prepared lime sulfur mixture, Travertine Stone Bordeaux and other pesticides. The application of hydrated lime in the soil neutralizes the acidity of the soil, improves the structure of the soil, and supplies the calcium needed for the plant. Spray the trime with lime to protect the trees.

Chemical industry using the use of limestone chemical processing made of calcium chloride, calcium nitrate, calcium sulphate and other important calcium salt, Xinjiang, Travertine Stone China limestone reserves, in view of the huge economic value of limestone mining in recent years to vigorously develop the limestone powder processing industry , And achieved good economic benefits. With the continuous progress of science and technology and the development of nanotechnology, limestone applications are being further widened. Travertine Stone Limestone crushed by the mill can be applied in many areas, and achieved considerable economic benefits, limestone powder processing industry in recent years gradually heat.

Limestone is not only an important raw material for cement and iron and steel industry. With the development of science and technology, it is widely used in water and ash, smelting, cement, chemical, power plant desulfurization and papermaking industries, and can replace the plastic pipe village, Travertine Stone Packaging materials, is a new type of environmentally friendly raw materials, market demand is increasing year by year, is the 21st century, the most dynamic environmental protection, one of the green mineral resources.

The level of equipment should be matched with the level of equipment in the factory. In the mining process, the production of the dust, noise to take effective measures to control, Travertine Stone to meet the requirements of national standards, while paying attention to mine soil and water conservation and green vegetation work.

Mine construction to achieve large-scale, Travertine Stone large-scale, rich in limestone resources in the region, the construction of large limestone raw material supply base to achieve intensive production. Encourage professional teams or powerful investors to contribute to the construction of mines.

Thus replacing the large amount of wide, Travertine Stone mining methods behind the small business. Local governments at all levels should take active and effective measures to speed up the closure of some mining technology backward, small scale, dust pollution, resource utilization is very low small businesses.

At present, an enterprise has taken the ownership of the mine resources, and then use the tender way, by the mine professional team funded construction and management, Travertine Stone the two sides agreed to a reasonable price of commercial limestone, which is a win-win plan. Either way, large-scale mechanized mining is the best way to protect resources and make good use of resources.