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Travertine Stone The Load
Jul 04, 2017

1) Travertine Stone reclaiming machine shunting motor factory soft starter set to light load, can not meet the reclaiming machine shunting start load.

2) recliner skew detection displacement range is set unreasonable, skew bar easy to beat, reclaimer long-term in a skewed state, Travertine Stone the relevant corrective measures are not perfect.

3) wiring problems: often open and closed point of the choice and the program can not fully correspond to the problem is reflected in the limit switch, because the pre-manufacturers do not move in the entire yard range, Travertine Stone such installation wiring problems and Failed to reflect in time. In addition, the collector during the operation of the control cabinet vibration, part of the line loosening or even fall off.

4) When the stop, if the sensor block just stopped at the top of the switch, there will be: automatic open mode, the harrow will continue to automatically stop; manual start mode, Travertine Stone if the switch to automatic control mode, the harrow will Automatic start, so there are security risks.

5) reclaimer and stacker-related chain is not perfect, there are heap, reclaiming machine may be collision.

Equipment manufacturers in the process of debugging the shunt motor focus on the load itself to consider the problem, such as walking wheel and rail clearance and skew, etc.,Travertine Stone while ignoring the soft starter with the start of the situation (the problem in the soft starter control Of the bucket elevator with the material to start the process also appeared), so we adjust the starting curve according to the actual start, the acceleration ramp time from 15s to 4s, the current limit from 400% to 500%, the test can meet Recycling machine to adjust the demand when starting.

The reclaimer is driven by both ends, Travertine Stone and the operating room is located at the rear of the reclaimer. The discharge belt is located at the rear of the reclaimer, and has fast and slow walking motor on both sides of the north and south. Fast walking motor for shunting, Travertine Stone the use of soft starter control; slow walking motor for the normal take the material when walking, using the inverter control. So that when walking is bound to have a slight difference in the speed of walking, accumulated to a certain extent will make the reclaimer frame skew

The correction mechanism is located between the two boxes above the front wheel of the reclaimer, consisting of a fixed rod and a detection rod. Fixed rod welding in the reclaimer in front of the box wall, equipped with a reset block iron, left and right skewed iron and limit block. Travertine Stone The lower part of the detection rod is welded to the rear box of the reclaimer, and four proximity switches are fixed on the bracket, which are applied to reset, (left and right) skew and limit detection respectively. When the picking machine is working, the detecting lever is swung left and right with the offset of the reclaimer frame. When the block is triggered to the skew detection close to the switch, the signal is sent to the PLC, and the PLC realizes the correction in real time through the program. Bit, when the reset block is triggered to reset the detection close to the switch, the correction is over. Travertine Stone If the limit block is triggered to the limit proximity switch, the reclaimer protects the jumper. Work to walk, the detection of skew, the slow side of the acceleration, correction after the end of normal speed. Shunting state, Travertine Stone detected skewed, fast side of the parking, correction after the end of normal operation.

After a series of adjustments and improvements, reclaimer automatic or stand-alone operation are normal, heap, reclaimer linkage operation, Travertine Stone chain jump and operation test are normal. March 2013 put into operation, the limestone reclaimer has been stable operation. With reference to the improved experience of limestone reclaimer debugging, the chain relationship between the auxiliary material reclaimer and the coal reclaimer is further improved, Travertine Stone which ensures the smooth supply of raw materials and ensures that the clinker line is put into operation according to plan. Accident, to ensure the kiln, grinding the operation rate